I believe trusting yourself is the key to happiness…… But you can’t trust yourself if your mind is not clear. Once in a while I feel confused and would love some smart, unbiased advice and/or opinions (that I don’t have to pay for) that could potentially help me open my eyes and resolve my internal confusion. We all know how hard that is to find. I would love to be able to provide that to those of you who are looking for it.

Feel free to contact me by clicking on “Just Ask” page, fill out the form and tell me your problem – and – with the help of the Life Force of the Universe, maybe we can help you create order from your mind’s chaos so that you can trust your own advice and understandings!

All submissions that appear to be serious will be answered as soon as possible (1-2 business days). Don’t hesitate to clearly state all details so that I can get the best understanding of the situation as possible.

Shayna Abrams
Blog Manager